Industry Insights Summit 2015

zakHill has sponsored The L.A. Office Industry Insights Summit for 6 years. Over 150 brand and entertainment marketers converged on Laguna Beach last week to discuss the trends in entertainment partnership. This year's speakers included reps from Twitter, Kia, Chobani, Trendara and Skype among others. A common thread among the speakers was connecting with Millennials. Kia, the 8th biggest brand in the USA, highlighted their Millennial challenge--lack of interest to own a car given strength of ridesharing services such as Uber. Meanwhile, brands such as Skype are actively seeking to engage Millennials through creating an immersive experience. Skype partnered with Vice News to reach a larger audience by the reporter sharing stories and answering viewers’ questions in a live setting via video messages. 

We met a lot of great people and took away some helpful info—the oceanfront view wasn’t shabby either. We look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s summit! #LAOsummit @LAOffice


Cynthia Hill