Philips Launches "Luminous Carpet"

During our weekly staff meetings, we each share interesting articles that we’ve read related to our industry. Our industry includes any company advertising and selling things because on any given day we may call a cereal company, an auto maker or a mobile dating app. The news about the Philips LED enhanced “Luminous Carpet” launched at the Lightfair International trade show got us all talking. This is a carpet that lights up and displays messages while you walk. Philips hopes to initially roll-out these fancy carpets in airports. In some ways this form of consumer messaging makes sense given how often people are looking down at their devices. I wonder if a “walk rage” phenomenon will emerge as people stop cold to read the message blinking at their feet or will they be immune to the communication because their need to load that pre-flight Facebook post is all engrossing?

Cynthia Hill