Social Media & E-Commerce Are Becoming Seamless

It was only a matter of time until two of the biggest online communities entered the world of e-commerce. This week, both Pinterest and Instagram announced new features that will make social media and shopping seamless. Pinterest has created the ability for viewers to buy the content already pinned with their “Buyable Pins” while Instagram has added a “Shop Now” button.

As avid social networkers, we can already see the world of online shopping changing. People love the visual appeal  and inspiration that filtered photos and pins offer. Now brands will be able to  engage and facilitate action on these social platforms. Movies are a big part of pop culture and we're curious to see the kind of advertisements and partnerships that can pop up on Instagram.  

We’re working on the in-home release of Entourage offering partners the opportunity to engage their consumers with the power of Vince, Ari & the gang. A brand could augment that partnership with direct links to their product using this pop-culture phenomenon. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through how this social media convergence could work for you. 

Cynthia Hill