Oscars Fan Experience 2016

We are really proud to have once again produced the fan element of the Oscars.  Would the Red Carpet be the same without screaming, excited movie fans?  We say not!  It really is a rush to hear the crowd scream “Leo!!” or start yelling when the ABC cameras turn on for the official pre-show.  Even Wolfgang Puck throwing out Oscar shaped cookies works the crowd into a frenzy.

We successfully managed communication with 750 fans from around the world leading up to Oscars Sunday.  Then on the big day, we started at 6am prepping for the fans to arrive to spend the day celebrating the biggest event in the movie business.  Working with the Academy and OFE sponsor People Magazine, we ensured that everyone “dreamed in gold” that day. 

Fan Fun Facts:

  • Most popular fan name:  Deborah
  • Most popular red carpet actor:  Leo
  • Favorite activation element:  Hair Bar
  • Biggest crowd reaction during Oscars Telecast:  Best Picture Win for Spotlight
  • Countries represented:  Australia, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Greece, Denmark, Japan
  • Favorite moment:  Michael Fassbender while on his way to the Governor’s Ball staring    suspiciously at our crew carrying boxes back to the hotel.  #LongDay
Cynthia HillComment