E3 2016

We had a great time at E3 last week. For those not in the gaming culture, E3 is the annual convention where the hottest videogames of the year are shown. We were guests of our client 2K Games and had the chance to hang in their mega booth that featured their games NBA 2K17, Mafia III and Civilization. We thought their booth and ancillary activations were amazing. Are we partial? Maybe, but you be the judge. In addition to their booth with a live jazz band at happy hour and fortune tellers, they had a full second line and a New Orleans-style food truck serving gator. Yes, gator. Check out this video that shows it all: http://bit.ly/28JVNhB

Our team also roamed the floor to check all the massive booths and hot games. We never got into the Capcom Resident Evil haunted house but we did love Nintendo’s booth for Zelda: http://bit.ly/28J4d5x

And not to be outdone was the outdoor activation for Dorito’s.  They had a 6-story Mix Arcade featuring concerts and games.  It was massive and not a soul in the place was free of Dorito breath. http://lat.ms/1Y9tqtT

Check out our photos below!

Up next... Licensing Show in Vegas - it’s a busy June. 

Cynthia Hill