Batman v Superman Partnerships

It’s exciting to work on the biggest blockbuster hits whether it be film or the home entertainment release.  With the release of Batman V Superman, we lined up a great selection of partners. They all used the themes and action from the film to draw attention to their product. And it’s working. Some have seen record social engagement. Read on to get in on the action. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featured a mighty showdown between brains, brawn, alien tech and mysterious new characters in the DC cinematic universe. To celebrate the launch of the Ultimate Edition, Alienware asked fans which characters they are most excited to see in the upcoming DC films!

When Craftsman Club launched 25-years ago it was the dawn of an era. To celebrate their anniversary, Craftsman gave their fans a chance to win a home entertainment system and copy of the film.

G-Shock Casio
Casio makes superhero tough gear! To experience the power of the gear they make for every day heroes, consumers were offered a chance to win a G-Shock watch, Casio Lampfree Projector and/or a Home Entertainment system.

Little Caesar’s
For Little Caesar’s, the only ultimate battle that could compare to Batman v Superman, is between their Original Round and Deep!Deep! Dish pizzas. In this ultimate battle, consumers we invited to share their favorite Little Caesar’s pizza for a chance to win a copy of the film. 

For car lovers, nothing can rescue a bad day like a fresh paint job. MAACO invited their consumers to share their favorite Superhero color combination for a chance to win a copy of the film.

Cynthia Hill