2017 Super Bowl LI Ads

As we come into the weekend, we are still talking about the Super Bowl; some about the dramatic 4th quarter but mostly about Lady Gaga’s performance and the MEMES it has spawned. And we’ve finally settled on our top Super Bowl ads. There was no clear favorite with everyone submitting a different favorite ad. Some loved the nod to their childhood whether it be the 80’s inspired Stranger Things and it’s Season 2 trailer or the boy-band heavy 90’s with Bai beverage lifting the NSYNC classic (but where were the other NSYNC boys for the spot?)

Despite the NFL having an official auto partner, there are always MANY auto spots and that Audi spot stood out for this female owned company. Check it out here. http://bit.ly/2jXww7a

And check out an even better auto spot for our client, Warner Bros film, The Lego Batman Movie and Chevy.  It’s a great film and Chevy figured out a clever way to get the whole family talking about their brand. http://bit.ly/2iCAnrd



Cynthia Hill