What We Learned From Our Work on Crazy Rich Asians


We had the privilege to work on the biggest film of the summer—Crazy Rich Asians. We got the assignment in 2017 and were thrilled to work on this because A. We love a good rom-com, B. Some of us had read the book and were OBSESSED and C. All of us had a gut-feeling that the authentic approach to the film casting would make it a success. And did it ever. . .

 This weekend, the incredible Akwafina is hosting SNL—first time an Asian American comic has hosted in nearly 20 years! No doubt there will be some Crazy Rich inspired skits (especially given the promos already are.  Watch them here!). As we watched the promos during our lunchtime “viral videos” break, we reflected on how our work on Crazy Rich Asians evolved and what we learned along the way.

 1. This film title is one we really could have fun with.

We explored tons of taglines inspired by the title of the film, and we had our fun with it. “Crazy Rich, Beautiful Skin,” “Crazy Rich on a Budget,” “You don’t need to be Crazy Rich to travel in style” and more. What we discovered? Everyone loves a good pun.

2. In the title, “Crazy” is a modifier of Rich

Not everyone got that, and if they did, it was still difficult for them to convince upper management. No company wants to turn off any potential consumers and we get that.  Next time, trust us, we wouldn’t lead you down the wrong path. 

3. The trend setters

Here’s our moment to give a quick shout-out to the brands that trusted us and really saw the benefit in working on this film. Thanks to our amazing partners: The Knot, Peach & Lily, Bag Borrow or Steal and Live Love Polish! Read more about those partnerships here.

Hey brands, were you not able to sell the partnership into your upper management or didn’t get your chance? We’re working on the home entertainment release! So send us a note and we’ll be in touch. info@zakhill.com