Halloween 2018 Campaigns

BOO! It’s scary how fast Halloween creeps up on us every year, right? While we were spooked, it’s clear that brands weren’t because of how amazing their campaigns were. Check out some of our favorites:


Kids (and adults) love candy. We love that Crest doesn’t try to steer anyone away from this candy-ridden holiday but reminds people that if they do chose to partake, to remember to brush before bed! Or any other time that you eat candy… No judgements.

 Kings Hawaiian

Recipes are a great way to get consumers excited by Halloween but when so many other brands are doing that, King’s Hawaiian knew that they wanted to stand out. So, they made a movie: Hallowaiian. Featuring voices of Mark Hamill and Vanessa Williams, they set out to give families more appropriate Halloween content to watch and make the brand top-of-mind in a holiday where you don’t think about rolls. And it worked – they saw more in-store distribution and sales for the month of October.  Can’t wait for Hallowaiian 2: Warm Rolls Rising!

 Reese’s #NotSorry Candy Converter

Remember when you went trick-or-treating, came home surveyed your bounty and then promptly traded your least favorite candy to your friends?  So does Reese’s.  In NYC, they helped make the negotiations simple for New Yorkers: go directly to a Reese’s Candy Converter with your unwanted candy to trade for the Reese’s of your dreams. 
…We’re seriously debating getting one of these for our office.

 Burger King Nightmare Test

If you ask us, this burger doesn’t look like very appetizing but we have to admit that now we’re curious to try it. Will it give us nightmares? Despite our curiosity, we’re not prepared to find out. Tell us if you do? Please?

IKEA’s Halloween Costume Instructions


Last year, IKEA made our office laugh with their “Game of Thrones” costume instructions by telling people to use an IKEA rug as a fur wrap. This year, they kept up the trend by showing people how to make a “Handmaid’s Tale” inspired costume using just a curtain and a lampshade. Finishing touch? Shouting “Prisad Vara” or the Swedish translation of “Praised be.” 


What was your favorite campaign of the year? And do you have any leftover candy to trade?

Cynthia Hill