Top 5 Brand Trends We’ll See in 2019

We’ve said our goodbyes to 2018 and have welcomed 2019 in with open arms. Now that we’ve gotten settled in to this new year, we’re predicting what we’ll see from brands over the next ten months.


1. Brands Infiltrating New Spaces

Brands will step out of their “comfort zone” of their standard products to create product extensions we never knew we needed. KFC created a fried-chicken scented Yule Log, Puma launched a makeup line with Maybelline and this is just the beginning.


 2. They’ll Want You to Unplug

 There is a discourse being present and “in the moment” and a big part of that is to step away from electronics, even as the world of technology expands. Even though the messaging will be seen on social media, we predict brands will integrate this ideology into their messaging even more in the coming year.

3. Personalization Will Be Key

 Consumers gravitate to products that they know will achieve each of their specific needs and with today’s technology, products can indeed do this. Customizable products marketed with individuality in mind will be key in 2019 so roommates everywhere can really say “hands off, that’s MINE!”  



4. Brands Working Towards a Social Cause

Whether it is about being “green” or about a social-political issues, each consumer has a cause they support. By brands aligning with a cause, they are building trust with consumers and creating added brand loyalty through a shared goal.  

 5. Experiential is Here to Stay

 In the past few years, consumers have engaged with brands through experiential activations and as a result, traditional marketing isn’t going to cut it. Knowing this, the trend of brands creating unique consumer experiences is here to stay.

What are your brand marketing predictions for 2019? Let us know in the comments!

Cynthia Hill