The Grinch Partnerships

With Christmas around the corner, there’s no better film to put us in the Holiday spirit than The Grinch. The marketing team at Illumination created an impressive campaign by tapping into the Grinch’s dry humor to “mock” consumers. Their team’s fun didn’t stop there: they brought on fantastic partners to help cross-promote the film.   Did you see them?  We did and here’s our “zakChat” on the support.


As a dog-loving office (shout-out to our office dog, Angus!), we love the Grinch’s dog, Max. Knowing there would be Max fans, they used BarkBox to communicate directly with dog-lovers. What better way to get pet owners talking than Grinch themed dog treats and a doggie headband like the one Max wears in the movie? (Check back for pics of Angus channeling Max)


Reviewing this partnership led to a hefty discussion in our office. On one hand, the brand does a nice job of using the film to promote the kit as a holiday gift.  Some of us wondered if that was enough of a connection to the film’s plot or if it was reaching. Care to jump in the debate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


This was the company’s first ever film partnership and in support, they ran a TV and digital campaign. The spot did a great job of highlighting the villain’s humor however, if you watched it right after the 23andMe spot, it felt similar... Thematically, we understand the concept but does coupon-ing feel like something that the Grinch would do? 

 Wonderful Pistachios 

Wonderful Pistachios are known for their clever spots.  What we love most about this one is the simplicity: the connection is clear. The Grinch doesn’t smile yet he can’t resist doing so when eating pistachios. Or it maybe it’s his excitement over finding a food that matches his coloring… Either way, this was our favorite



Honda is known for their “Happy Honda Days” tagline and this year they decided to switch it up in a clever way.  Mr. Grinch took over Honda’s Twitter to bring the anti-holiday spirit which in turn, showed consumers a taste of Honda’s humor while still highlighting their vehicles. Nicely done, Honda.

Some of the film’s other fantastic partners include PUR, China Glaze, IHOP, Bloomingdales and General Mills. Which partner was your favorite? Let us know!

Cynthia Hill