Inside the Oscars Fan Experience


We’ve just witnessed a host-less Oscars and watched Green Book take home gold but during the red carpet, did you hear the cheers from the bleacher fans? If you were too focused on hearing who Gemma Chan was wearing, we don’t blame you, we’ll clue you in.

There are over 700 attendees who come from Australia, Los Angeles and everywhere in-between to watch their favorite nominee walk down the red carpet into the awards ceremony at the Oscars Fan Experience. These seats are coveted by movie-lovers of all ages--some fans even enter sweepstakes daily in hopes of attending!

Over the past 7 years, our agency has worked on this one-day event that takes months of planning. We know that it’s worth every late night and early morning when we see the fans’ excitement on Oscars Sunday. Each fan is background checked, credentialed and assigned a seat.   We arrive at 6:30am, they arrive at 8am.  Our sponsor People Magazine sets up an experience like no other—braid station, massages, tarot card readers and eye/lip touch ups.  

Couldn’t make it this year? Be sure to enter in People Magazine’s Sweepstakes next year! In the meantime, here are some of our highlights from the day:

Best Celebrity Interaction: Jennifer Hudson sharing fashion tips with the fans
Best Dressed: Amy Adams
What We Learned This Year: Weather forecasts aren’t always accurate
Something You’d Only Know If You Were There: The roses looked fake but were actually real!


Cynthia Hill